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Our Staff

All staff members are qualified Montessori directress' and have first aid qualifications to ensure the children get the best care.

Marichelle Morkel completed her Montessori 3-6 year qualification in 2011, and her Occupationally Directed Education Training Development Practices (ODETDP) qualification in 2013. She found her passion to be children's education and completed her preparation with a first aid qualifiaction.

School Environment

Our Montesorri qualified staff have organised the school as a "prepared environment" which is an educational environment tailored to basic human characteristics, the specific characteristics of children at different ages, and to the individual personalities of each child.

Marichelle believed and trusted this to be the correct approach to children's education in the first six years. She entusiastically completed her Montessori training qualification in 2010 and registered her certification with the South African Montessori Association (SAMA). As a responsible care provider she also completed a first aid course.

View Marichelle's South African Montessori Association certificate here.

Characteristics of a Montessori teacher

The Montessori teacher is the connection between the children and the materials. They model correct behavior for the students and are also teachable and ready to learn. They trust the Montessori method and lead the children toward independence. Always prepared they remain curious about everything and conitually improve their skills primariliy through observation.